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Deep Litter Fermentation Bed Bacteria

Deep Litter Fermentation Bed Bacteria


Deep litter   fermentation bed for Pig & Chicken,Duck,Cow farming etc.

Advantage of deep litter   Probiotic Fermenting Bed bacteria :

1. Its adhesion and colonization ability is strong in the fermentation bed. The bacteria are in a dormant state if no animal waste. Once the waste is fall down on the bed, bacteria will at once begin to reproduce and work.

2. High environmental adaptability. The adaptable PH range is 5-8.7. Also it can adapt to the high osmotic pressure environment (ie, high salt environment, high inorganic environment).

3. The bacteria reproduce rapidly. Added quantity is less. Fermentation time is short. Fermentation condition is simple. Eliminate odor quickly, save manpower, save feed.

Character : powder.

Benefit :

1. Effectively decompose waste and convert it into bacterial protein and high-quality bio-organic fertilizer.

2. Reduce pollution and optimize ecological environment by reducing odors, ammonia emission, fecal organic matter, organic phosphorus and other harmful gases and substances.

3. Rapidly promote growth, high feed efficiency, increase lean meat, lower mortality, bring forward the slaughter time.

4. Improve economic benefit, improve meat quality, skin color and lower meat cholesterol content.

Usage and Dosage:

Usage: Raw material of the fermentation bed could be: sawdust, rice husk, wood shavings, corn and wheat straw (cut into segments) and the like. Put 30-80cm thick saw powder in the tank. And then mix 1kg Bacteria for fermentation bed 121 with 10kg corn flour. Blend them with the fermentation bed. Water content is around 40%. Then ferment for 5-7 days.

Dosage: 500 kg saw powder, 10 kg corn flour and 1kg Bacteria for fermentation bed for every 10 ㎡

Package :20kgs per bag or 1kgs bag 20kgs per carton or according to the customers requirements .